Manage Your Construction Project On The Internet


The Hardest Working Guy In Construction!

Creating a web page for your construction project will save you time and money$. Unless you are living under a rock the world is now mobile. Tablets and smartphones are now the tools of choice when managing a construction project.

Under a WordPress Platform  I can visit a construction site  – snap pics and video – and prepare a report. Then in real time upload info to the project web page. From there distribute [email] to everyone on the project team.

You will be amazed the feed back that arises from pictures and video. It is very true pictures and video reveal many many stories. I can assure everyone you will save time and money. Also, frequent updates creates an archive allowing everyone a history of the project. Great for solving disputes.

All sensitive information can be easily protected: e.g. minutes of site meetings, change orders, site instructions etc. only people that know the code would be allowed access.

Flying my drone /once per month/ snapping pictures and creating a video/ can be very beneficial seeing progress from the air.

Search engines love  web pages and blogs. Frequent updates including video would allow the world access to your project. “Do You Get It” as an owner you would have customers prior to opening the doors.

 Conclusion: Managing construction projects has changed. I can manage any construction project, in the world, by sitting in my little office located in Canada. Or send me updated pictures and video [frequently] and I will ensure everyone associated with your project is aware  of progress. My team consists of Architects, Engineers, Suppliers and Trades that would support your project.

Feel free to contact me and we will build your project over the web!

“The World Awaits”


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