Freezing in Grimsby

Freezing in Grimsby

Cold Today

Christmas has come and gone as we await the New Year! Now we wait for Spring or a holiday down south! I am still walking over to Tim Hortons for my coffee! “Bring it on”

Droning Last Summer

It was soooo cold today that  I never went outside. Thought I’d stay inside and create this video. How pathetic is that!

Hangar 360 Takes Construction To The Next Level

Manage your construction project from above!🛰 How it Works:<<<<<<<<<<<<<< From Google Earth we identify your property. The team from Hangar 360 will program a flight path over your site An app is created and  sent to my phone. I arrive at your site, with my drone. I set my drone on the ground / hit

Multi Use Recreational Site – Smithville , Ont

Too windy for flying my drone but pics below show good progress on the above subject! I will try and fly later this week. Underground plumbing is ongoing. Still building below ground Not sure where this is the posted- can’t find it! I will search out and get back to everyone! Stay tuned!