St. Francis of Assisi CES- today’s visit

St. Francis of Assisi CES- today’s visit

St. Francis of Assisi CES- today’s visit

I met with the principal today ( Mr. Witter) if possible the school requires 3’ of sidewalk clear(front) allowing a drop off area! The sight is tight and the school has allowed 5 parking spaces re- staging! The contractor is scheduled to be onsite Monday! Please Note: “Safety is Everything”

St. Gabriel CES

The guys and gals from RRG are here @ St. Gabriel CES. As per schedule St. Francis of Assisi starts next Monday (Let’s Landscape) RRG has arrived! Unloading and erecting Safety Fence Robert looking at the drawings!👀

The Bench Brewing Company

Just outside of Beamsville, Ontario and surrounded by vineyards will soon open /The Bench Brewing Company/. As a beer drinker, Bench  has a great flavour and taste. Looking like it’s almost there. Can’t wait.

The New West Lincoln High School!

It appears work has started on the New West Lincoln High School! I will be tracking this project as per progress. Stay tuned. click on picture below for a 360. Drag your mouse to move around. Best viewed on a large screen. Scroll your mouse and zoom in.  

Drones Just Keep Getting Better & Better!

  Picked up my new dji/rye drone yesterday  named Tello.  This drone  is a game changer as it  fits right  in your hand. The little guy  weighs just 80 grams [2 1/2 ounces]. Any drone weighing above  250 grams requires  :  insurance  and is regulated by Canada Transport. Flies like a dream and you can