St. Mark CES- Victory 👍

St. Mark CES- Victory 👍

St. Mark CES- Victory 👍

Good news! It’s official we now have occupancy! Yeah! Our push for Tuesday is now complete- we are wrapping up our final tasks (renovation) and then concentrate on the addition. Permanent power is proceeding to the portables! The guys are here in full force! Custodians are now emptying the gym of books and shelving! We

St. Mark CES- almost there!

AC is now operating in the building ⛄️⛄️⛄️ Front entrance to be power swept prior to school opening Waterproof applied – addition Portables are now ready- waiting for electrical power! East parking area- to be levelled! Backfill behind curbs Metal duct / gym / to be installed ASAP Fence separating construction from school activities being

The New Lakeview

Zoom in and see the exposed footings.

Hardcore “Lead, Follow Or Get Out Of Way”

St. Mark CES- near completion

Full kudos to Scott and the gang as we push for completion. All framing of T-bar ceiling scheduled for completion, no later than tomorrow night (Thurs). Placement of ceiling tile starts tomorrow and fire verification / Monday. 👍 Pic 1- looking south Pic 2 looking west Pic 3 looking north-west

St. Mark CES- 15 days remaining

As agreed by all : T- bar ceilings are resuming Wed @ 7 a.m. until completion . Placement of Ceiling tile will be right behind. All duct, sealing of wall penetrations and pipes insulated must be complete! “We’re coming through” Fire verification starts next Monday! Wed 7 a.m. T- Bar starts Plenty of work happening