St. Mark CES – Closing in soon!

St. Mark CES – Closing in soon!

St. Mark CES – Closing in soon!

Soon, we will be closing in. Floor topping [2nd floor] has been poured. Metal deck [roof] will be spread tomorrow. Wooden parapet can start on Wednesday. Masonry contractor is onsite erecting interior walls. Installation of Windows starts next  Monday. Painters are on deck [block filler]   Once windows are  installed / bring on the brick

St. Mark CES- construction progress

OWSJ – installation near completion- metal deck to follow – then roof Floor topping scheduled for Friday- we need windows🎯- retaining wall needed (exterior) 🐢🐢- Work is progressing well!👍👍 Brick veneer to follow after windows installed- painters are on deck Wooden parapet to be installed after placement of metal deck (roof) GRRC is on deck

St.Mark CES- OWSJ (roof) arrive tomorrow

Bearing walls have been erected as we await steel joist ( tomorrow)👌 We need windows this week! Floor topping (pour) scheduled for Friday. We need coring contractor onsite ( holes for M&E ) prior to Friday!👀👀 In need of installation / retaining wall ASAP

St. Mark CES- we’re closing in!

Open web joist scheduled for Tuesday followed by metal roof deck! I am told floor topping scheduled for Wed👍 Windows needed end of next week! Once installed painters to apply block filler -interior! Interior heat needed soon! “Lead, Follow Or Get Out Of Way”

St. Mark CES- work is progressing well!

Windows needed starting Monday! Open web joist needed/ end of next week/ followed with metal roof deck! Stage area has lighting and sprinkler protection! Waiting for installation re- diffusers! Waiting for installation / retaining wall Temporary lighting needed allowing installation of pipe and metal duct! “Lead, Follow Or Get Out Of Way”