St. Mark CES – Closing in soon!

Soon, we will be closing in. Floor topping [2nd floor] has been poured. Metal deck [roof] will be spread tomorrow. Wooden parapet can start on Wednesday. Masonry contractor is onsite erecting interior walls. Installation of Windows starts next  Monday. Painters are on deck [block filler]


Once windows are  installed / bring on the brick veneer. Waiting for the Retaining Wall [TRP]. 

Curbs [RTU] arrive this week. GRRC [ our roofing company] stay tuned. We are pushing to be watertight prior to DEC 1st.



Floor topping [2nd floor] now complete

St. Mark CES- construction progress

OWSJ – installation near completion- metal deck to follow – then roof

Floor topping scheduled for Friday- we need windows🎯- retaining wall needed (exterior) 🐢🐢-

Work is progressing well!👍👍

Brick veneer to follow after windows installed- painters are on deck

Wooden parapet to be installed after placement of metal deck (roof) GRRC is on deck