St. Nicholas- 37 days remaining

37 days remaining- weather permitting we will be 100% watertight Friday nite. Flynn to remove their trailers ASAP. Everyone be aware this job is real “Lead, Follow or Get Out Of The Way”
Konrad! You now have the bulls eye. Flooring is now on our critical path. Max has full control- as hallways and washrooms are cleaned and free of debris.
All classrooms are ready re- flooring. We need action. All trades note: We are closing the building next week. All windows for 2nd floor will be installed. Ensure material is delivered now allowing the use of a lift/ 2nd floor
Ceilings are now being boarded. All trades ensure work above is complete as well as inspections.
Admin office is now watertight. Everstrong to place window and door frames allowing us to board and install ceilings.
We are now watertight in the Library. Anvi please ensure all roof drains are connected.
Counter tops arrive in 2 weeks
Arrowhead Paving placing stone- curbs Monday
Landscaping Contractor is on board
CEC working on Parking Lot Lighting
Gas meter arrives tomorrow
Everyone stay tuned- progress is ongoing

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