St. Nicholas- Nov 29/19- “LEAD, FOLLOW OR GET OUT OF THE WAY”

Note: On Monday we are flooding T-Bar ceilings with tile. This was confirmed 3 weeks ago and therefore not a surprise.

Fire verification: Dec 9th

At last our electrical transformer has arrived. Pushing permanent power for early next week.
DrainLand has arrived and is cleaning up behind curbs.
Sheet flooring contractor is on-site. Aerloc- Peter- we know you are struggling installing our exterior doors and glass. I am not worried as Aerloc has always been there. In the meantime any chance of sending someone Monday to seal windows. We are losing too much heat / cold affects placement of sheet goods.
Arrowhead is onsite and scheduled to wrap up completion of base asphalt and sidewalks next week👍
Lockers have arrived and are being assembled 🍺🍺
I am told AVB will be applied early next week. Once applied the boys will install panels.

The gears are now in full throttle. We will be eating turkey and singing Christmas Carols / Front Entrance.- Dec 19th

Author: Larry Arbuckle

Working a lifetime in construction has taught me communication is everything. Flying drones gives me the edge on seeing construction progress from above. Every picture tells a story and a video tells a thousand stories.

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