St. Nicholas – Dec 6 2019- construction progress

2nd floor is near completion. As a footnote: once we are successful with fire verification allows school board to load their furniture / 2nd floor only. Starting Dec 16.
Admin office near completion with T-bar ceiling. Millwork to be installed Monday.
Waiting for toilet partitions.
Front lobby has now been taped and sanded. Painting starts Monday followed with ceramic tile.
Flooring contractor near completion / classrooms 2nd floor. George /Zetmaster/ said he is bringing in an extra crew Tuesday. General Contractor to ensure all classrooms are emptied and swept. George said he plans to be complete /all classrooms/ prior to Dec 20👍👍
Ceramic tile/ washroom walls/ near completion
HM screens being installed separating front lobby from library.
Parking / asphalt / near completion. We only need one good day next to complete this task.
NOTE: The only wild card is Aerloc. They are scheduled next Tuesday re- installation of exterior doors & windows, interior glass And fire separation / stage. Without this we are “done like dinner” stay tuned for a dramatic ending.

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