St. Nicholas- Final touch-ups- Dec 16.

A gate and fence Are required separating the drive way and play area near garbage enclosure. A barrier is required prior to opening of school. Urgent
Landscape contractor -spreading topsoil.
Many countertops missing.
Helpful if we have additional heat / radiators only/ help out sheet goods contractor re- placement of floor
Handrails are being installed library.
Wednesday -I am told front entrance to receive ceramic tile and additional manpower will be added. The tiles are large and we are positive Max will complete on time๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

We are coming down to final strokes as we push for Occupancy. I understand fire verification went well as we are all on the same page. This should be a happy ending- gulp!!

Author: Larry Arbuckle

Working a lifetime in construction has taught me communication is everything. Flying drones gives me the edge on seeing construction progress from above. Every picture tells a story and a video tells a thousand stories.

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