St. Nicholas- Dec 19- tasks to be complete

Rear Gym Exit Door- Building Security is now #1. Anyone can enter and exit building at any time. Ensure all exit doors are installed and appropriate locking hardware is in place. We don’t need need any break-ins at this stage of the game. General contractor to provide access to trades during the holidays.
All handrails to be installed ASAP. This task is crucial allowing Occupancy/Everstrong/. All floor finishes need to be installed Prior to school opening🎯🎯
Front entrance. Max, where are you?? Ceramic tile is needed prior to opening of school. I know you have it under control. Kor- I am told panelling. Re- front entrance Is arriving soon.
I am told admin office flooring arrives this afternoon. George, assures me flooring will be going down tomorrow..
Behind curbs -All garbage to be Removed allowing landscape contractor to place topsoil. We have plenty of topsoil onsite.

Completion is now a work in progress. Trades will be working over the holidays and confidence is high for a successful completion. “Bring em on”

Author: Larry Arbuckle

Working a lifetime in construction has taught me communication is everything. Flying drones gives me the edge on seeing construction progress from above. Every picture tells a story and a video tells a thousand stories.

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    Niagara Rigging will remove the steel deck in the photo this afternoon

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