Thomas Merton- June 1/20 renovation update.

We are coming down to the final strokes with plenty of work to do. Anvi Mechanical has the bulls eye. We need all work completed / Above ceilings and in new walls. This includes all metal duct, piping and plumbing. Please refer to contractor’s schedule below / zoom in.

Schedule above shows all T-bar ceilings complete no later than July 20th. Anvi mechanical needs all metal duct and piping in place by July 1st / one month from now. Once ceilings and walls are in place / walls by Canaan / allows us to paint and complete flooring. New Light fixtures needed in T-bar.

All T-bar ceilings complete by July 20th.
Walls to be boarded and ready for paint prior to July 20th
Floor finish needed in many areas.

Also Note: all roof top curbs must be in place ASAP allowing roofer to watertight. Curbs also will need support from below. We are now at the breaking point and cannot afford any downtime. Anvi Mechanical “You’re it”

Author: Larry Arbuckle

Working a lifetime in construction has taught me communication is everything. Flying drones gives me the edge on seeing construction progress from above. Every picture tells a story and a video tells a thousand stories.

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