Bishop Reding – March 20/20- Const update

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Childcare- underground piping to be inspected Monday- Once approved / we will be pushing Slab On Grade.
Cafeteria- Pier is now ready to pour👍. Once poured allows the arrival of our friends / Mirage Steel.🍺
Addition courtyard- waiting for brick veneer👍
Addition courtyard- AVB spray being applied.
Brick Veneer – mock-up
I am told masonry contractor have people onsite / working the week-end / rubbing down door frames and walls. On Monday we will be ready for the painter👏👏
Also noted pouring of remaining locker base – pouring next week.

Also: GRRC / George/ we need you buddy to apply membrane to our roof curbs. This would allow placement of our Roof Top Units. Hope You can help.

Note: Addition- once interior painting starts Would bring on our finishing trades.

Have a good week-end everyone and wash your hands!

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