Drones Are Now The Norm

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As an old dog I have been flying drones for many years /10 plus. The intent was to achieve aerial photos and pass them on to my customers. Recently, I have noticed drones have a new purpose. The Ukraine war is so sad and I must admit how can a human being treat other humans with such terror, leaving everyone in horror. Now back to the drone. Picture below shows the Ukraine Army using drones to see where the enemy is and also direct their team when co-ordinating fire power. The drone pilot takes off and investigates the path ahead. This proves drone are a valuable tool and can be used not only by military but also flown by our police and security people.

I see they are using a phone to see what the drone see’s. To get a clearer picture they should be using FPV goggles! Goggles are king when flying drones.

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