Hangar 360 Takes Construction To The Next Level

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Manage your construction project from above!🛰

How it Works:<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
From Google Earth we identify your property.

  • The team from Hangar 360 will program a flight path over your site
  • An app is created and  sent to my phone.
  • I arrive at your site, with my drone. I set my drone on the ground / hit start/ the app takes over. All I do is watch!
  • While flying- pictures are taken and sent back to Texas /  all in the cloud.
  • My drone lands [automatically] and the team, in Texas, stitch all the photos together.
  • Within a half hour, Hangar 360 will forward  me the link.
  • I relay this link to you [the customer] and you  may  place a 360 view on your Facebook or Web Page.
  • One word “Amazing”

Click Here for a tour.

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