M M Robinson Oct 31 construction update

New Cafeteria – Windows scheduled for tomorrow. I am told exterior to be cut down to subgrade starting Monday. Mike [Wesley Paving] and Robert [RRG Landscape] you are on deck. The intent is to complete exterior [cafeteria] prior to winter. New Cafeteria to be complete before Christmas. Brick Veneer also needed.
New Cooking Classroom. Stove Hoods have arrived.
New Cafeteria looking out. Canaan laying out ceiling clouds- installing drops prior to painting. Note: Pushing New cafeteria /to be complete before Christmas.
New addition- roof metal deck being installed
Our New Look
Plywood parapet to be installed after placement of metal deck. George Roque Roofing stay tuned.
Main floor looking into existing school. Pushing, completion of 3 story addition / Jan 2020

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