Milton 10 CES- const progress- March 21/22

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Work is progressing well as our roof is near watertight. Once complete / our roofers will be moving over to Childcare. Picture below shows the guys working over admin office.

Picture below showing openings for sky lights.

The pace is about to pick up. Our painters are leading the way and close behind is our flooring guys. I am told Ceramic tile contractor to arrive on Wed. Millwork contractor arrives/ end of the month/ and will follow the flooring contractor. The end is near re- interior.

Note; we love our masonry contractor when they arrive but love it more when they complete their work and leave. Once gone we can concentrate completing the exterior. Landscape / sidewalk and curb / asphalt. Just kidding love the masonry contractor as they are the best in Canada and Portugal. 🍺🍺

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