Marketing With A Drone!

What better way  to show off your property than an  aerial video. Just a  3 minute  aerial video posted, on your web page, allows the whole world to view. Keep people engaged and create an awesome story.  Flying over a property is informative as the viewer is able to see the neighbourhood. Things like local restaurants, perhaps a golf course, water access, proximity to downtown etc. A drone is a great marketing tool. Below is a project I was involved in recently.

See What I See

Let me fly over your construction project resulting in a video- sent to you – showing progress. A monthly visit would cost $500 including a project website. Stay on time and budget! I am located in Grimsby Ontario and able to  travel  anywhere in Ontario.  My cell is 416-526-3022

I look forward to meeting you!


See What I See


DJI Introduces Mavic

It never fails, just when I have mastered the Phantom 4 out comes DJI’s new drone – Mavic. Sales of the  Mavic will be huge as it can be folded and fit in your briefcase. I carry my Phantom 4 in a bulky suitcase. This is much like the iPhone scenario – buy the latest iPhone and within a year out comes a newer version.

But seriously, DJI’s  Mavic and Go Pro’s new drone/ Karma/ are game changers.  Your drone  will be with you all the time just like your iPhone. And the big deal for me, is the Mavic can travel up to 4 miles away from you. I would be able to sit in the parking lot of a coffee shop/ and then  fly over to my construction site/ and see what is going on. I have done this with my Phantom 4 and the guys never knew I was over their heads.. Until I show them the video. We all have a good laugh.

Watch the video and see the future.