Milton #10 CES- July 30/21- Const progress

Milton #10 CES- construction progress- July 28/21

Work is progressing well. Scheduled pouring SOG next week followed by pre-cast the week after. OWSJ /roof/ needed soon re- childcare.

Milton #10 CES- July 21/21 – const progress

Mario and I are blasting off – Just like Jeff Bezos- except we have no money. We are in dire need of Slab on Grade???????

Nelson High School – July 21/21 Const progress

Above- Masonry now complete / Tech rms/ Ready for paint. New Elevator- waiting on the arrival of scaffold. 48 days remaining until start of school.👁

Milton #10 CES- July 19/21- precast needed in 2 weeks

Masonry contractor is building walls childcare- precast needed in 2 weeks. Left July 15 /21. Right- today July 19/21 Standing in childcare looking north. Work is progressing well and I

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