Nelson High School- construction update

DensGlass now installed beneath bridge. T-bar ceiling being installed cafeteria/office. New Kitchen- plumbers connecting equipment. Poles- parking area lighting have arrived. It’s coming together and starting to look good. 🍺🍺

Bishop Reding – May 14/21- update.

Above pics show forming and pouring of sidewalk and curb. Rooms /main floor / have been painted. Gym- preparing floors ongoing.

Milton 10 CES- construction update

Domestic and SPRINKLER Line terminated outside of building. Existing ManHole Plugged. We cannot connect until manhole is cleared. Future water retention pond.

Milton #10 CES- May 12/21 update

Going Forward / Weather appears to be on our side.” Let’s Make Hay While The Sun Is Shining” How original is that😃😃

Bishop Reding – today’s visit- construction progress/ May 12/21

Exterior – preparing for sidewalk and curb Gym- removal of existing floor continues . Racks now in place- room adjacent to gym. Main Entrance- angles are being installed. Rooms main

Bishop Reding – Const update- May 10/21

Contractor building concrete curbs and sidewalk- New Gym Gym – flooring is being removed. Room adjacent to Gym- shelving is being installed Painters are onsite. Rooms / main floor/ near

Nelson High School- Const update- May 10/21

Cafeteria – painters are now onsite. Library- Floor has been swept waiting for carpet. Kitchen -Plumbers are connecting equipment for tomorrow’s start-up. Auto-Body -Metal Siding is now in place.

St. Peter Childcare -Completion

We are nearing completion as asphalt has been placed [exterior] and the installation of fencing has started. It has been a journey – Well Done Everyone. Where We Came From!

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