St. Peter- childcare- March 5/21- Const progress

New Entrance from play area- ceiling has now been taped and ready for paint.👍 We now have full power “ Yeah Nitesh”🍺. Also note fire sprinkler is now live🍺 Millwork

Bishop Reding – construction progress- March 5/21

New Gym- floor is being poured today👍 Dance Rms- flooring near completion. New Gym Roof- it appears we are now watertight . Also noted we are waiting for AVB spray

Bishop Reding – Const progress- Mar 3/21

Above-Dance Rooms/ flooring continues Above- Theatre /installation of bleachers continues. Above- Roofing continues. Above – New Gym and Weight Room- preparing the pouring of Slab on Grade.

Nelson High School- Const progress- March 3/21

Start-up re- Kitchen scheduled for next week. New Library- Drywall /boarding / continues. New Cafeteria- Light fixtures now in place. Above-Masonry Contractor trimming out columns / brick New cafeteria /

St. Peter childcare- Const progress – Mar 1/21

Roof flashing has now been installed👍👍 Fire stopping is being applied. Soon we will be in need of “Above Ceiling Inspections” This project is progressing well and the END is

Bishop Reding – Const progress- Mar 1/21

Work is progressing well👍 Kitchen equipment is now installed and ready to “ Turn Over” New Main Entrance has now been painted. New Cafeteria is now complete. New Theatre- Bleachers

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