Smithville Ontario -small town with big plans

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Whenever you visit a small town with ville at the  end of their name / usually you are in the rural route or the boondocks. Ever been to Dunnville?? 😫

Not Smithville! Smithville has a population under 5,000 or there about. The town is located in the centre of Niagara Wine Country 🍷 and has that laid back feeling. Although rural- it is just 20-40 minutes away, from the big cities.  They say upon your arrival, in Smithville ,  let your hair down. 🍺🍺

Phelps Homes is a major player here and I can assure everyone they are a premier builder. Great homes at great prices. Their new neighbourhood is named  Stepping Stones. And yes, the kids can walk to their new school.

Click on the link below and scroll with your mouse. Best viewed on a large screen.

Currently,  Smithville is building a huge Multi Use Recreation Centre [MURS] located near the old arena and sport fields. Click on the link below and scroll around with your mouse and see Smithville. Look straight down and this is where the new MURS is to  be built.

As a construction guy, I will be returning to Smithville [at a later date] and review the progress. Please return and have a look.



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