St. Mark Catholic Elem School- Remembering Dave Robichaud

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I am of the belief that every construction project has a story. The renovation at St. Mark Catholic Elementary School is no different. From the first day /of any project / people meet people for the first time.

This is  where I met Dave. From the “get go” we all knew Dave was a team player with a great sense of humour. Dave led the demolition crew allowing the rest of us to do our jobs. Give Dave a challenge and he conquered all.

The last time I saw Dave was on a Thursday nite cutting a hole in mechanical roof allowing the installation of a roof top unit. He yelled down at me and said “ we’re giv n er”. Sadly, Dave passed away on that week-end.

This  project will be successful and we all feel Dave should not be forgotten as he was a big part of it.

R.I.P Dave and SYOTOS.

From all of us @ St. Mark CES renovation

God Bless


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