St. Mark CES- awaiting precast

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Pre- cast has been delayed (2nd floor) until the first week of October! That being said: going forward please ensure all material is onsite starting with:

-All remaining hollow metal frames (doors) are onsite ( TRP) – all Lintels (galvanized) and plates be onsite (Mirage)
– all open web joist and metal deck to be onsite prior to walls (2nd ) floor. /Mirage – once metal deck is being placed, TRP follows with plywood parapet wall!
– windows installed the next day after walls have been erected ( Aerloc) followed by spray and brick veneer.
– Our friends at GRRC (roofing) will be needed prior to Dec 1st. Then bring on the finishing trades! Roof top units needed :curbs
– topping needed /TRP

Once precast is in place it will take Carlo ( our mason) 2-3 weeks to complete walls. This is a small addition!

We are still pushing for a Jan 1st completion
Giv er👍👍

Gymnasium has new lights and looks good! School will be using this space on Monday- all trades need to be out!

Contractor preparing base for stone wall

South-west corner

Parking lot lights needed

“Lead, Follow Or Get Out Of Way”

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