St. Mark CES- awaiting precast

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We have scheduled Oct 5th as are precast drop. The school has  scheduled a P.A. Day resulting in teachers and students not being onsite. TRP and PSI please connect Also note: once precast is placed / load bearing masonry walls to be complete 2-3 weeks [2nd floor to roof]. Following close behind we need open web joist, metal decking and our roofer on board [GRRC], complete with windows [Aerloc].  Provide Status of roof top units. Brick Veneer ( November)Winter is coming. Let’s make it happen.

North west corner.

South west corner

North east corner

Pic 5 –

Beam pockets are waiting for steel

Waiting for precast

Pre cast Oct 5th

Gymnasium to be cleaned out Prior to Friday- School requires this space Monday.

All trades: stay up to date with this project as we push for Jan 1 2019 completion.


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