St. Mark CES – Nov 12, 2018 update

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The weather forecast appears  favourable for the next 2 weeks. We are installing plywood for our parapet [roof] and pushing for the start of our roofer [ end of the week]

We should start thinking of interior heat [ASAP]



We are starting our parapet wall [ plywood] and should be complete by tomorrow.



We are well underway completing our retaining wall and have scheduled asphalt and sidewalk next week.

Once exterior walls dry out will bring on AVB spray- followed with brick veneer.


2nd Request: we need curbs [RTU] and all cones placed prior to arrival of our Roofer {GRRC} George!!


Placing masonry block [lift]


Metal Duct contractor is onsite. We are pushing T-bar ceilings starting the week of DEC 10th

True Grit!

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