St. Mark CES- Victory 👍

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Good news! It’s official we now have occupancy! Yeah!

Our push for Tuesday is now complete- we are wrapping up our final tasks (renovation) and then concentrate on the addition.

Permanent power is proceeding to the portables! The guys are here in full force!

Custodians are now emptying the gym of books and shelving! We are now good to go erecting metal duct (H.V.A.C)

Millwork has arrived (room at the back) and whiteboard and tack board are being installed! Base needed!

Room at the back

We are now power sweeping the front entrance!

Sod has been placed in front of transformer!

Full kudos to everyone as this project was a challenge and we did well in a short timeframe👍

“Lead, Follow Or Get Out Of Way”

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