Bishop Reding – update

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BR Update June 5th

Drainland started silt fence today, will continue silt fence and then construction fence Monday

Guido expects to start actual removalsapprox Tuesday next week

Site Service Permit and Regional Permit have been distributed.

Massimo please confirm is there a trailer with permits and NOC posted or does Drainland hold these permits until Percon is mobilized?

Discussion with Guido/Chirag yesterday – to save time and $proposed to grout existing storm lineat the N driveway rather than remove. Chirag to issue instruction confirmingdetails .

S/S shop drawings returned. Drainland to ensure the U/G chambers fulfill the required capacities. Specified OGS is required as previously discussed.

Incon/DEI working on switchboard solution. Please advise

We finally received building permitcomments from the Town today. We will prepare and submit a response.


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