St. Mark CES- waiting for our roofer

Plywood parapet near completion! Curbs (RTU) are in place. / curbs for exhaust fans to be placed.Waiting for roof drains and M&E cones! Looking for GRRC ( our roofer) for Monday👍👍

Retaining Wall is ongoing and scheduled for completion – early next week. Mike (Wesley Paving) you’re on deck for sidewalk / mid next week!

Spraying of AVB starts next week followed with brick veneer!

Gas line has been installed – heating inside of building next week! Sprinkler contractor is onsite running his pipeğŸ˜ŽğŸ˜Ž

St. Mark CES- preparation (roof)

As discussed at yesterday’s site meeting, we are installing plywood (parapet) and placing curbs (cones) for roof top units! Once these tasks are complete will bring on our roofer- hopefully end of this week or Monday / at the latest! Pic below was taken yesterday! I will be returning Thurs (pm) to record progress and report. We need to be watertight ASAP!

Masonry block placed for lift ( stage)

St. Mark CES – Nov 12, 2018 update

The weather forecast appears  favourable for the next 2 weeks. We are installing plywood for our parapet [roof] and pushing for the start of our roofer [ end of the week]

We should start thinking of interior heat [ASAP]



We are starting our parapet wall [ plywood] and should be complete by tomorrow.



We are well underway completing our retaining wall and have scheduled asphalt and sidewalk next week.

Once exterior walls dry out will bring on AVB spray- followed with brick veneer.


2nd Request: we need curbs [RTU] and all cones placed prior to arrival of our Roofer {GRRC} George!!


Placing masonry block [lift]


Metal Duct contractor is onsite. We are pushing T-bar ceilings starting the week of DEC 10th

True Grit!

St. Mark CES – Preparing the Roof

Contractor is on roof applying blue skin followed with plywood: GRRC [our roofing contractor] is on deck. Where are our curbs [RTU]????????

Note:  This elevation is the  new entrance to our addition. All earthworks must be complete prior to occupancy allowing students and teachers access.



Contractor is pouring concrete for our entrance slabs and locker base. We need retaining wall built ASAP.




Contractor planning their next move!



I am told Metal Duct contractor starts Monday.



Concrete has been placed: Lift

St. Mark CES – Windows Are Being Installed

Windows are being installed: Waiting For

  • installation plywood parapet wall needed
  • curbs [RTU] to be placed and openings cut
  • roof drains to be connected
  • locker base and concrete pads entrance – to be poured
  • once windows installed – AVB to be applied followed by brick veneer
  • installation of retaining wall



Roofing contractor needed soon

Painters on deck – interior heat required

Ceramic tile hallways starts hmmm! in 2 weeks.


Elevator lift / stage. Base being formed.

St. Mark CES – plenty of rain today

Rain most of the day:

Going Foward: Metal Deck [roof] is now in place. Waiting for plywood [ parapet] – curbs [RTU] to be set in place. GRRC [roofing] needed soon

Windows scheduled for Monday [ installation] – followed by spray [AVB] then installation of brick veneer. Painters are on deck.


Note: we need to start thinking  about heat, in the building, as finishing trades will be arriving soon. Our next milestone is T-bar ceiling – the week of Dec 10th- all above work to be in place.



Opening for lift [stage area] ongoing

video below / interior

St. Mark CES – Closing in soon!

Soon, we will be closing in. Floor topping [2nd floor] has been poured. Metal deck [roof] will be spread tomorrow. Wooden parapet can start on Wednesday. Masonry contractor is onsite erecting interior walls. Installation of Windows starts next  Monday. Painters are on deck [block filler]


Once windows are  installed / bring on the brick veneer. Waiting for the Retaining Wall [TRP]. 

Curbs [RTU] arrive this week. GRRC [ our roofing company] stay tuned. We are pushing to be watertight prior to DEC 1st.



Floor topping [2nd floor] now complete