Hangar 360 Takes Construction To The Next Level

Manage your construction project from above!🛰

How it Works:<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
From Google Earth we identify your property.

  • The team from Hangar 360 will program a flight path over your site
  • An app is created and  sent to my phone.
  • I arrive at your site, with my drone. I set my drone on the ground / hit start/ the app takes over. All I do is watch!
  • While flying- pictures are taken and sent back to Texas /  all in the cloud.
  • My drone lands [automatically] and the team, in Texas, stitch all the photos together.
  • Within a half hour, Hangar 360 will forward  me the link.
  • I relay this link to you [the customer] and you  may  place a 360 view on your Facebook or Web Page.
  • One word “Amazing”

Click Here for a tour.

img 2453





Multi Use Recreational Site – Smithville , Ont

Too windy for flying my drone but pics below show good progress on the above subject! I will try and fly later this week.

Underground plumbing is ongoing.

Still building below ground

Not sure where this is the posted- can’t find it! I will search out and get back to everyone! Stay tuned!


Construction Progress in 360! virtual reality

Watching construction progress in a VR world is engaging. Great way for clients to see  their investment in 360. Ensure your browser is Google Chrome.

Building Boom Continues In South Milton.

Stopped by this week and was impressed by the building of houses – South Milton. Click on the picture below and look around. Drag your mouse.

Click on Picture below: just 2 months earlier

A 360 @ 26ft.

Now possible to create a 360 at low altitude. Click on picture below and then drag your mouse.