The New Hangar App Is Similar To Google Earth – “Only Live”

A game changer. Hangar has released [this week] a new app that creates HD 360 pics. I just place my drone on the ground, connect to my phone – confirm a checklist and away we go. My drone climbs to 300 feet, snaps  pictures and then lands itself /I just watch. The pictures are automatically uploaded to the cloud and in 15-20 mins I receive the a  link from Hanger to my iPhone. And the best part “No Computer Required”.

This app is a huge plus showing construction progress. No longer, do I fly over people or  buildings. I set my drone down [DJI Spark]  in an adjacent field / off site. [That’s it] In less than 20 mins the client and project team receive an email link /from me / All in real time.

Click on the picture below and view a high end townhouse complex under construction in Grimsby.

Desktop- Best viewed on a large screen – drag your mouse and look around- scroll your mouse to zoom in.

Mobile- drag your finger or pinch the screen to zoom in.

“Times are a changin”- Steve Jobs



Are you selling your house? planning a wedding or an event, showcasing your property, monitoring construction progress and more. One picture, from the air, is worth a thousand words. One aerial pic is $100 plus HST. E mailed to your desktop in real time. Let the aerial picture tell the real story.


Real Estate

Construction Progress

Holiday Resort

View From The Top Floor

A Heritage Building

Construction Projects Has A New Friend!

Hello Everyone! meet my new friend: DJI Spark. As you can see from the picture below, my Spark is the same size as my iPhone. My Spark combined with the new Hangar App creates an awesome 360 pic. Click on the picture below and see a project we are undertaking named “Prudhomme Landing” located between Grimsby and St. Catherine’s Ontario on Lake Ontario. Best viewed on a large screen [Desktop] and then drag your mouse. Scroll your mouse and zoom in.

Click on Picture below