The New Hangar App Is Similar To Google Earth – “Only Live”

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A game changer. Hangar has released [this week] a new app that creates HD 360 pics. I just place my drone on the ground, connect to my phone – confirm a checklist and away we go. My drone climbs to 300 feet, snaps  pictures and then lands itself /I just watch. The pictures are automatically uploaded to the cloud and in 15-20 mins I receive the a  link from Hanger to my iPhone. And the best part “No Computer Required”.

This app is a huge plus showing construction progress. No longer, do I fly over people or  buildings. I set my drone down [DJI Spark]  in an adjacent field / off site. [That’s it] In less than 20 mins the client and project team receive an email link /from me / All in real time.

Click on the picture below and view a high end townhouse complex under construction in Grimsby.

Desktop- Best viewed on a large screen – drag your mouse and look around- scroll your mouse to zoom in.

Mobile- drag your finger or pinch the screen to zoom in.

“Times are a changin”- Steve Jobs


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