Drones Just Keep Getting Better & Better!

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Picked up my new dji/rye drone yesterday  named Tello.  This drone  is a game changer as it  fits right  in your hand.

The little guy  weighs just 80 grams [2 1/2 ounces]. Any drone weighing above  250 grams requires  :  insurance  and is regulated by Canada Transport. Flies like a dream and you can fly anywhere. Great indoor drone but doesn’t like the wind outside. Pictures and video go right to your phone [5 mp pictures 720 P video] I’m sure, soon we will see “The Tello 2” with 12 mp camera for pics an maybe a 1080 video. Max distance is 100 M.The cost is just $99 US.

Below is a picture taken in my backyard. Not too shabby! Stay tuned to this little guy as the only way is up! Come back often for more news. Let me know if you have any questions?



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