St. Kateri Tekakawitha CHS – construction progress – We are in need of Steel!

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Welcome to the blog post about the exciting new construction project for the St. Kateri Tekakwitha Catholic High School in Milton, Ontario! We are thrilled to share with you the progress of this inspiring project that is sure to benefit the community for many years to come. We appreciate your interest in this project and look forward to keeping you informed of the progress. Stay tuned for more updates in the weeks ahead!

Our masonry contractor is currently working on the load bearing walls for the 2nd floor east building. However, we are experiencing a lack of steel which is causing some issues. Our plan is to contact our structural engineer to provide us with a detail for a load bearing masonry bond beam in lieu of steel for doors and windows. We are willing to adjust costs at the end of the project to accommodate this change.

In addition to this, we are hoping to have the slab on grade completed as soon as possible. We also require temporary power for safety lighting in the classrooms and hallway.

Could you provide us with an update on the main water and gas lines? We would greatly appreciate it.

Despite the aforementioned challenges, we are happy to report that work is progressing well. Our masonry contractor is currently our top priority in terms of meeting our critical path.

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