St. Kateri Tekakwitha construction progress June 20, 2023

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AI Observation – Great to hear about the progress being made on the construction site. It seems like things are moving along smoothly and the team is making steady progress as they approach the winter season. It’s wonderful to see the steel lintels in place on the 2nd floor east , with additional lintels to arrive shortly. The ability to pour the topping for the walls once they’re built is an important step towards completing the next phase of the project. It’s exciting to hear about the upcoming precast 3rd floor in just a few weeks’ time, as well as the progress on the slab on grade, which is now at 80 percent.

It is also great news to hear that the main gas line has been brought to the building, electricians are running conduit in the field, and the mechanical contractor is making progress installing piping and metal duct. With all these critical installations moving forward, it seems like the team is making excellent progress, and the future of the construction project looks bright. Thank you Larry for sharing the video below to see the progress being made.

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