St. Kateri Tekakwitha – July 25 – construction update

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The construction project is progressing steadily, with the precast contractor currently working on flying panels to the 3rd floor on the east side. The goal is to have this phase completed by the end of the week. Once the precast work is done, the masonry contractor will take over and start building the walls. To ensure a smooth workflow, it is crucial to have all the lintels and metal door frames onsite and ready for installation. Installing concrete bond beams is not preferred due to the time-consuming nature.

Looking ahead, the focus is now on pushing for the completion of the 4th floor precast on the east side by the end of August or the first week of September. Additionally, the open web steel joist for the east side is expected to arrive on-site during the first week of October. The roofing contractor will follow soon after to begin the installation process. In October, Aerloc, our window company, will also commence their work. All these tasks are essential to achieve a watertight structure, which is a significant milestone in any construction project.

While progress is apparent when viewed from the road, it’s important to note that work is also ongoing in the rear fields. Contractors are actively pumping water as part of the efforts to dry out the area. Meanwhile, on the west side, the project is in motion, and there is a high level of confidence that it will also be fully watertight before Christmas.

Overall, the building is gradually taking shape, and each step brings it closer to completion. The coordination between various contractors and their respective timelines is crucial to ensure a smooth and efficient construction process.

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