St. Kateri Tekakwitha – June 13 2023 – construction progress

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Construction Progress

Below L eft May 11 2023. Below Right – today June 13 2023

Below – I asked AI what is the future for brick and mortar schools. The answer concludes we are in a good place.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many brick and mortar schools to adapt to remote learning, and this has led to questions about the future of such schools. While online learning has its advantages, there are still many reasons why brick and mortar schools will continue to play a vital role in education.

Firstly, the social aspect of attending a brick and mortar school cannot be understated. Students have the opportunity to interact with their peers and teachers in person, which can help them develop social skills and build relationships that they may not be able to do as effectively through online communication. This social interaction is particularly important for younger students who are still developing social skills and emotional intelligence.

In addition, physical schools provide students with access to resources and services that may not be available at home. This includes libraries, counselors, sports facilities and extracurricular activities such as clubs and teams. While some of these services can be replicated online, they do not provide students with the same level of personal interaction and experience as being physically present in a school.

Another advantage of brick and mortar schools is the ability for teachers to provide individualized instruction and support to students. In a physical classroom, teachers can quickly identify students who may be struggling and provide them with one-on-one support or differentiated instruction. While online learning platforms have made advancements in providing personalized learning, nothing can replace the level of connection and feedback that a teacher can provide in person.

There are also practical concerns to consider when it comes to online learning, such as internet connectivity issues, lack of access to computers or devices, and the potential for distractions within a home environment. These issues can directly impact a student’s ability to learn and progress academically, and may be more prevalent in underserved or disadvantaged communities.

Of course, there are still areas where online learning can be effective and beneficial. For example, remote learning can allow students to learn at their own pace, access a wider range of courses and instructors, and provide more flexibility in their schedules. These benefits are particularly valuable for adult learners and those who may face transportation or scheduling barriers.

In conclusion, while online learning has shown its potential during the pandemic, traditional brick and mortar schools will continue to be an essential part of the education landscape. Physical schools provide students with social interaction, access to resources and specialized services, personalized instruction, and a structured learning environment which cannot be replicated online.

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