St. Kateri Tekakwitha – Ready for precast Monday

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We will be ready for pre-cast 3rd floor east /Monday. All steel must be in place!

This steel has been sitting here for 2 weeks. It needs to be in place prior to placement of precast 3rd floor east.

Earthworks to be complete ASAP. Once complete would allow the building of our parking area.

Written by AI: It seems like your project is currently facing a delay due to the absence of steel, which is critical for progressing further. To ensure timely progress, it is essential to have steel onsite for the construction of the 3rd floor. It is also important to note that you do not wish to consider concrete bond beams as an alternative to steel for the lintels, and cost adjustments using concrete are not acceptable.

In order to proceed with the steel work smoothly, it is expected that the steel contractor will provide their own lift and welder on-site. It is worth mentioning that your masonry contractor’s zoom boom is specifically meant for lifting blocks and not suitable for handling steel. Therefore, on the 3rd and 4th floors, the steel contractor should arrange for their own lift.

Furthermore, for the rear of the building, you require the earthworks to be completed so that the parking area can be constructed, including concrete curbs, sidewalks where applicable, and a base layer of asphalt before winter arrives.

In summary, it is crucial for the steel contractor to prioritize their work and expedite the process, as they are currently the critical path of the project. The team has put in significant effort to maintain a good pace, and it is important not to encounter any major setbacks at this stage.

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