St. Kateri Tekakwitha CHS – const progress- May 30th – in need of steel

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Looking East

Looking West

Our masonry contractor is currently leading the way on our construction journey. We are in the process of installing concrete bond beams on the 2nd floor east side, in place of steel. In order to meet our deadline of precast 3rd floor east on June 19th, we require steel door lintels and window galvanized lintels.

Currently, 55% load bearing walls have been built on the east 2nd floor. However, if we had steel, we could land precast next week. It is crucial that steel for the 3rd and 4th floors arrive on time to ensure that this scenario can be avoided.

We are also requesting attention be given to pouring the slab on grade, as many areas are ready. Our intention is to be watertight, complete with roof, windows and air vapour barrier spray, before winter.

Above – Concrete bond beams are being installed – load bearing walls- 2nd floor east- in lieu of steel

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