St. Kateri Tekakwitha CHS- construction progress July 6 2023

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It sounds like your construction project is progressing well and you are in a good position. It’s great to hear that Kiki from linesteel assured everyone that the steel will be delivered on time. With the precast lift scheduled for the week of July 17th on the 3rd floor east, it seems like things are moving along smoothly. Once the precast is in place, your Mario gang will start building the masonry walls. It’s reassuring to know that Kiki has ensured that the steel for the 3rd floor east will be onsite. Achieving a watertight structure before Christmas is a significant milestone. Additionally, having Wesley paving onsite next week focusing on earthworks and starting the parking area upon completion is a positive development. It’s commendable that the mechanical and electrical contractors are keeping up with the progress. Keep up the good work, and may the force be with you! See video below!