St. Kateri Tekakwitha CHS – July 4/23

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We are ready for Precast 3rd floor east. Where are the steel lintels

Steel laying on the ground / need to be installed

We need action / rear of school

Progress is slow so I asked AI for their advice. “I understand your frustration regarding the absence of your steel contractor on site and the potential impact on the progress of your project. It is crucial to have the steel onsite according to the agreed schedule to ensure smooth construction.

I suggest addressing your disappointment and concerns directly with your steel contractor, emphasizing the importance of their timely presence on site. Requesting them to expedite their work and catch up on the schedule can help minimize any further delays.

To ensure a smooth precast installation on the 3rd floor east, it is vital to have all the necessary steel onsite as promised. Clear communication with your contractor regarding this requirement will help avoid any complications and the need for alternative solutions like building concrete bond beams.

Regarding the stalled work in the rear of the building, taking immediate action is necessary. You can proceed with earthworks, followed by concrete curbs, sidewalks, and asphalt to keep the project moving forward. Starting these activities as soon as possible this week will ensure progress is made.

Continue monitoring the situation closely and expressing your concerns to all relevant parties. Hopefully, your steel contractor will take your request seriously and work towards resolving the delay. Let’s hope to see progress and activity on the site soon.” – Thank you Ai for your input / regards Larry!

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