St. Mark CES- awaiting precast

Pre- cast has been delayed (2nd floor) until the first week of October! That being said: going forward please ensure all material is onsite starting with:

-All remaining hollow metal frames (doors) are onsite ( TRP) – all Lintels (galvanized) and plates be onsite (Mirage)
– all open web joist and metal deck to be onsite prior to walls (2nd ) floor. /Mirage – once metal deck is being placed, TRP follows with plywood parapet wall!
– windows installed the next day after walls have been erected ( Aerloc) followed by spray and brick veneer.
– Our friends at GRRC (roofing) will be needed prior to Dec 1st. Then bring on the finishing trades! Roof top units needed :curbs
– topping needed /TRP

Once precast is in place it will take Carlo ( our mason) 2-3 weeks to complete walls. This is a small addition!

We are still pushing for a Jan 1st completion
Giv er👍👍

Gymnasium has new lights and looks good! School will be using this space on Monday- all trades need to be out!

Contractor preparing base for stone wall

South-west corner

Parking lot lights needed

“Lead, Follow Or Get Out Of Way”

St. Mark CES- awaiting precast

We have scheduled Oct 5th as are precast drop. The school has  scheduled a P.A. Day resulting in teachers and students not being onsite. TRP and PSI please connect Also note: once precast is placed / load bearing masonry walls to be complete 2-3 weeks [2nd floor to roof]. Following close behind we need open web joist, metal decking and our roofer on board [GRRC], complete with windows [Aerloc].  Provide Status of roof top units. Brick Veneer ( November)Winter is coming. Let’s make it happen.

North west corner.

South west corner

North east corner

Pic 5 –

Beam pockets are waiting for steel

Waiting for precast

Pre cast Oct 5th

Gymnasium to be cleaned out Prior to Friday- School requires this space Monday.

All trades: stay up to date with this project as we push for Jan 1 2019 completion.


St. Mark CES – we await pre-cast

School opened this morning with many students, parents and teachers. It was standing room only!

Now on to the next phase!

Gymnasium in need of duct, new lights and fans! The school needs access to this area ASAP

Decorative fence behind transformer

In need of parking lot lighting????

Please connect with Scott and verify dimensions re- lift. Below is a proposal –

Need clarification re- retaining wall! We would like to begin ASAP

We are pushing completion of addition for Christmas! ⛄️⛄️

“Lead, Follow Or Get Out Of Way”

St. Mark CES- Victory 👍

Good news! It’s official we now have occupancy! Yeah!

Our push for Tuesday is now complete- we are wrapping up our final tasks (renovation) and then concentrate on the addition.

Permanent power is proceeding to the portables! The guys are here in full force!

Custodians are now emptying the gym of books and shelving! We are now good to go erecting metal duct (H.V.A.C)

Millwork has arrived (room at the back) and whiteboard and tack board are being installed! Base needed!

Room at the back

We are now power sweeping the front entrance!

Sod has been placed in front of transformer!

Full kudos to everyone as this project was a challenge and we did well in a short timeframe👍

“Lead, Follow Or Get Out Of Way”

St. Mark CES- almost there!

AC is now operating in the building ⛄️⛄️⛄️

Front entrance to be power swept prior to school opening

Waterproof applied – addition

Portables are now ready- waiting for electrical power!

East parking area- to be levelled!

Backfill behind curbs

Metal duct / gym / to be installed ASAP

Fence separating construction from school activities being installed / complete by end of day!

Tomorrow we have final building inspection scheduled for 2 p.m.

All hands on deck!

“Lead, Follow Or Get Out Of Way”