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St. Mark CES- 33 days remaining

“A thing of beauty”

We are pushing T- bar ceiling! We are giv n er.

Exposed pipe sanitary pipe re – hallway

One hour later same pipe up filled – stone

Sprinkler room ready for SOG! Note/ next Wed/ we are pouring SOG – addition- food Nutrition room- hallway- ALL THE SAME DAY!!

Fence removed around transformer!

**** the next 3 Weeks will be intense! Hang on!

St. Mark CES- renovation- Blood, Sweat and Tears

“Is there a doctor in the house” blood pressure is running high!

Very busy today as we have plenty of activity, Below, our plumbers are placing underground pipe. We are scheduled to pour our SOG this Friday. Stay tuned as we rebuild!

Floor for food nutrition room also to be poured Friday!

We need door jambs installed ASAP

Floor re- exit to be also poured on Friday

The Canann boys (drywall) are here and starting ceilings in our change rooms👍

We are starting T-bar ceilings in the computer room

RRG working – natural play area!

RRG to remove their piles of dirt and debris by Friday!

Roof Top Units are being placed- we need steel to be complete yesterday. Victor is doing a great job as when steel is complete allows us to rebuild. Charge!

Portables are scheduled to be relocated this week. We are starting our new parking area next week👍

We have only 36 days remaining👀👀👀👀

St. Mark CES- construction progress

July 10, 2018

15 days later July 25, 2018

Roofers are onsite- rooftop units arrive Monday

site services (excavation) soon complete

Topsoil being removed near portables- gravel arriving soon allowing  re- location of portables

Foundation walls being built (addition) plumbers to install underground’s ASAP.